What does an ID camper need to bring with them?

  • Soccer clothing for 4 sessions
  • Cleats for natural grass
  • Comfortable clothing/shoes for in between sessions 
  • Shin Guards
  • Soccer Ball
  • Sun screen/bug spray 
  • Drinks bottle

What does Georgia Southern Provide?

  • Equipment
  • Hydration during practice
  • Athletic Trainer on site
  • NCAA recruiting guidelines take home information sheet

Is ID Camp Lunch Provided? What should a camper do at break of ID camp?

Lunch is not provided. Please have a plan to either bring your own or order ahead of time. Some places can have longer waits. In addition, during the break time, we suggest a camper gets out of the sun, hydrates and fuels with food that will best support their athletic performance. 

For the 2 Day Camps, do I need to find a place to stay.

Yes, please find an accommodation that best works for you and your family. 

What is your Refund Policy?

Multiple Day ID Camps – Refund will be offered for full amount minus $50, up to 14 days prior to camp.  If injury or COVID occurs within the 14 days, a credit can be applied to a future camp. No refunds given for no shows.

One Day ID camps – Refund will be offered for full amount minus $25, up to 3 days prior to camp.  After that, it will be a case by case basis. No refunds given for no shows.

All refunds are returned to the card that was used to pay, subject to paying the processing fee of registration.